1. Event: 

The KRONPLATZKING takes place on July 21th, 2019.

2. Description:
The KRONPLATZKING is a point-to-point mountain-bike marathon race for professional riders and amateurs. Only regular mountain-bikes are allowed, electric bikes or any other assisting systems are forbidden. The wearing of a helmet is compulsory. Tandems are not allowed. 

3. Start:
08:00 a.m. in San Vigilio di Marebbe / St. Vigil in Enneberg, Italy
First start box is reserved to Elite and Under23 categories m/f, as well as to invited guests.
Second start box is for all other categories, line-up according to date of registration and payment, on a first comes, first serve basis. All women are free to choose the start box they want to start from.

4. Race distances: The race offers 2 race distances:
KINGMarathon  – long distance, 81 km and 3,310 climbing meters 
PRINCEClassic   – short distance, 50 km and 2,150 climbing meters 

5. Requirements to participate:
All UCI and FCI (Italian Cycling Federation) licence holders are allowed to participate. 
• Participants of the long distance, the KINGMarathon,  must be of full age (18y+).
• Participants of the short distance, the PRINCEClassic, must have turned (16y+).
• Elite/U23 categories m/f must compete on the long distance. 
Participants who are not in possession of a riders’ licence, don’t have to but can purchase a one-day license issued by the Italian Cycling Federation FCI on the spot. The price for it is € 15.00 plus handling charges. In order to get a one-day rider’s license the participant must present a valid medical certificate confirming the participant’s health to compete. Participants who do not hold a licence can take part in the so-called “hobby categories”, but still must present a valid medical certificate confirming their health to compete at numbers pick up. Self-declarations are not accepted.

All participants must present a valid sports medical certificate at the start number issue. Participants who do not have a driver's license start in the hobby categories, but must still be in possession of a valid sports medical certificate, which is required to pick up the start number. No self-declaration 

To download the medical certificate form CLICK HERE - Potvrdenie o zdravotnom stave KLIKATI  - Osvedceni o zdravotnim stavu TADY

6. Categories:

KINGMarathon – long distance ( 81 km – 3,310 altitude meters) 

With rider license
MenOpen (Elite Men +  Under23 Men)1900 - 2000
Sportsmen (19-29)1990 - 2000
Master 1 (30-34)1985 - 1989
Master 2 (35-39)1980 - 1984
Master 3 (40-44)1975 - 1979
Master 4 (45-49)1970 - 1974
Master 5 (50-54)1969 - 1965
Master 6 (55-59)1964 - 1960
Master 7+ (60+)1900 - 1959
WomenOpen (Elite + Under23 Women)1900 - 2000
Sportswomen (19-29)1990 - 2000
Master Women (30+)1900 - 1989
Without rider license
MenHobby 2 (18-29)1990 - 2001
Hobby 3 (30-45)1974 - 1989
Hobby 4 (46+)1900 - 1973
WomenHobby 2 (18-29)1990 - 2001
Hobby 3 (30-45)1974 - 1989
Hobby 4 (46+)1900 - 1973



PRINCEClassic - short distance 50 km - 2,150 altitude meters

MenJunior Men (17-18)2000 - 2001
Sportsmen (19-29)1990 - 2000
Master 1 (30-34)1985 - 1989
Master 2 (35-39)1980 - 1984
Master 3 (40-44)1975 - 1979
Master 4 (45-49)1970 - 1974
Master 5 (50-54)1969 - 1965
Master 6 (55-59)1964 - 1960
Master 7+ (60+)1900 - 1959
WomenJunior Women (17-18)2001 - 2003
WomenSportswomen (19-29)1990 - 2000
Master Women (30+)1900 - 1989
Without rider license
MenHobby 1 (16 completed - 17)2002 - 2003
Hobby 2 (18-19)1990 - 2001
Hobby 3 (30-45)1974 - 1989
Hobby 4 (46 +)1900 - 1973
WomenHobby 1 (16 completed - 17)2002 - 2003
Hobby 2 (18-29)1990 - 2001
Hobby 3 (30-45)1974 - 1989
Hobby 4+ (46+)1900 - 1973

Registration starts on October 01th, 2018 at 08:00 a.m. and ends on July 21th, 2019 at 07:00 a.m.. or at the reaching of the maximum number of participants of 800 starters. Registrations are solely possible online via our time-keeping partner, by clicking on the “registration” tab on our website www.kronplatzking.com. You’ll find a weekly updated starters’ list on our website, there you can check if your registration was successful. Registrations on-site are possible on Saturday July 20rd and Sunday 21th, 2018 from 6 until 7 a.m., if starting spots are still available. Registrations whose payments do not arrive within 10 days expire automatically.

Fattore K codes (relevant to teams registered with the Italian federation FCI only):
KING Marathon 81 km ID 
PRINCE Classic 50 km ID 

8. Entry fees:
• 01/10/18 until 31/01/18   65€

  • 01/01/2019 until 30/06/19  70€

• 01/07/19 until 16/07/19   75€• 17/07/19 until 21/07/19   85€


The entry fee includes the following services:
• Personal starting number 
• Time-keeping transponde
• Transport of personal clothing from the start in San Vigilio to the finish at the top of the Kronplatz/Plan de Corones 
• Feed-zones during the race and at the finish
• Starters’ kit with presents for the participants
• Information, communication of ranking via message and email  
• Voucher for the Pasta-Party after the race on top of the Kronplatz
• 1 free one-day-ticket for the participant himself for all the lifts of the Kronplatz area. 
• 1 free one-day-ticket for 1 accompanying person for all the lifts of the Kronplatz area.
• Medical care during the race
• Bike-Safe: there will be a guarded area where participants can check-in their bikes after the race 

Riders’ clothing is just accepted when packed in solid, closed backpacks or suitcases provided with the participant’s name and data. The organisation doesn’t assume any liability for lost, damaged or stolen items. 

9. Partner hotel bonus of € 10.00 - Registration with holiday package:
Participants booking an accommodation with one of our partner hotels get the partner hotel bonus, a special entry fee reduction of € 10.00! Once the booking with the hotel is confirmed, the participant gets an email with a private registration code he has to use when registering on www.kronplatzkingcom. With the booking of a partner hotel, the participant is NOT automatically registered for the race. A cancellation of the hotel booking implies the cancellation of registration for the race. The entry fee will not be refunded nor transferred for next events. The partner bonus can not be cumulated with other perks!

10. Cancellation of participation / Cancellation insurance:
When a participant needs to cancel his participation, he or she will not be refunded their entry fee. A transfer of the entry fee to next events is not possible. When registering, a cancellation insurance can be added. Please find more information regarding this insurance on our time-keeper’s website www.datasport.com. 

11. Replacing a participant
It is possible to transfer a registration to another person. In order to do so, the registered participant has to write an email to the race organisation with the all the necessary data of the person who will replace him or her. A handling charge of € 10.00 is applied. Replacement are accepted until July 09th, 2018. 

12. Start number pick-up:
Start number pick-up takes place on
Saturday before the race from 2 p.m. until 9 p.m. and
Sunday from 6 a.m. until 7 a.m..
Start number pick-up is located at the ski pass office of the Miara lift in San Vigilio. 

License check and registration for elite and under23 riders takes place on Saturday from 4 p.m until 7 p.m. at the ski pass office of the Miara lift in San Vigilio. 

Start numbers can be picked up by the participant only. Participants have to present an original valid ID (passport, ID card or driving licence) and UCI riders have to present their license. Amateurs have to present a valid medical certificate confirming the participant’s health to compete. Third persons cannot pick up numbers for other riders.

13. Medical care and safety:
During the race medical care is guaranteed by the White Cross/Weißes Kreuz, safety by the mountain rescue, fire-fighters and volunteers along the entire race course. After the race or when taken out of competition, this service coverage expires.

14. Time gates:
• Ciamaor                                     Km 37.50   11:30 a.m.
• Kronplatz (King Marathon)           Km 50.00   13:00 p.m.
• Kronplatz (King Marathon Finish)  Km 81.00   16:00 p.m.

Participants who do not make the time gates given above, are taken out of the race. Their race numbers will be taken off their bikes. No exemptions are made. Participants are allowed to continue at their own risk or to take the broom car which brings them back to the start in San Vigilio. When time gates have passed, signs will be taken off the course and feed zone will be removed.

15. Cancellation of event: 
The event will take place irrespective of weather conditions, provided that there is no risk to the health or safety of the participants. The race organization holds the right to stop or cancel the race. Should the race be cancelled for circumstances beyond the control of the race organisation or for Acts of God, the entry fee will not be refunded nor transferred for next events. 

16. Changes by the race organisation: 
The race organisation reserves itself the right to change the reglement and the course at any time, also during the race itself. 

17. Ranking:
All riders, licenced pro-riders and amateurs, will enter the ranking. Except for elite and under23 riders, rankings are set up based on their net riding times, not on order of arrival at the finish. Only riders finishing the race regularly will enter the ranking.

18. Prize-giving ceremony:
The official prize-giving ceremony will take place at 3 p.m. on top of the Kronplatz. The following rankings will be called and awarded on stage. The presence of the athletes is obligatory. No prizes of any kind will be shipped afterwards. 

KINGMarathon 81 km
• OPEN Men Overall top 10
• OPEN Women Overall top 10

PRINCEClassic 50 km
• OPEN Men Overall top 5
• OPEN Women Overall top 3  

The first three classified riders of each category will be given prizes in goods which can be picked up in the race office starting from 4 p.m. Not collected prizes will not be shipped.

19. Prize-money

KINGMarathon - long distance
Open MenOpen Women
1. 800 €1. 800 €
2. 600 €2. 500 €
3. 500 €3. 400 €
4. 400 €4. 300 €
5. 300 €5. 200 €
6. 200 €6.  62 €
7. 150 €7.  57 €
8. 100 €8.  47 €
9.  80 €9.  39 €
10.-15. 50 €10. 39 €

PRINCEClassic - short distance
Open MenOpen Women
1. 350 €1. 350 €
2. 250 €2. 200 €
3. 200 €3. 100 €
4. 100 €
5.  50 €

Prize-money can be picked up in the race office from 2 p.m.. Athletes holding an Italian tax number must produce it when collecting their prize-money.

20. Bike-Safe
On top of the Kronplatz there will be installed a protected area, called the bike safe, where all participants can leave their bikes after the race and pick it up later. 

21. Rights and duties of the participant:
• The start number must be placed visibly on the handlebar of the bike.
• The start number mustn’t be changed or damaged. 
• During the entire race a cycling helmet must be worn. 
• On course sections running on public roads, traffic regulations apply. All riders must respect those.
• Participants who do not make the time gates, must hand out their start number to the time gate responsible. 
• Participants must show up in their start box 10 minutes prior to start. If he or she is late, he or she will automatically start from the last start box. 
• Each participant is asked to carry his or her own spare parts in the race, like an inner tube, pump, inflator and cartridge. 
• Participants must carry a personal ID throughout the entire race.
• We advice to carry a rain jacket as well as some extra clothes during the race.
• Slower participants must step aside when faster riders want to overtake.
• Sections with limited visibility must be ridden carefully.
• Participants with flats or technical problems must step aside the race-course to fix their bikes.
• Participants quitting the race must communicate their abandonment of the race immediately to the next course marshal. 
• On the finish straight the changing of riding lines is strictly forbidden. 
• Any disrespect of these rules will lead to disqualification. 

22. Disqualification:

The participation in the race with a wrong or someone else’s start number, the handing over of a personal start number to someone else, the starting out of a wrong startbox or any other serious or damaging acts or bad behaviour lead to expulsion from the ranking or to disqualification or to expulsion from the event for several years. Necessary steps are taken by the race organisation. 

Protection and respect of environment: littering during the race is strictly forbidden. Trash must be left at the feed-zones. E-bikes and any other assisted pedalling are forbidden. Disrespect of these rules lead to disqualification.

23. Liability:
The participation in the KRONPLATZKING is at own risk. With the registration (even if carried out through third parties) the participants abandons any rights of claim, also towards thirds, 

erfolgt auf eigene Verantwortung und Gefahr. Durch die Anmeldung (auch durch Dritte) verzichten die Teilnehmer auf die Geltendmachung jeglicher Rechtsansprüche, auch Dritter und gegenüber Dritten, gegenüber den Veranstaltern und allen an der Organisation der Veranstaltung beteiligten natürlichen und juristischen Personen. Außerdem bestätigen die Teilnehmer mit ihrer Anmeldung, dass sie über genügend Kondition verfügen, um die hohe körperliche Belastung verkraften zu können.

24.  Further rules: 
For everything not contemplated by these regulations, the general rules of the Italian Cycling Federation FCI and UCI apply.

25. Signature:
With registering for the race the participant declares: 
• to be in possession of a valid medical certification confirming his or her health to compete; 
• to acknowledge that no liability or responsibility is accepted by the race organisation for any injury, illness, damage, loss, accident, expense, or any other claim arising from the participation in the KronplatzKing, before during and after the race, and that he or she waives any claims. 
• if applicable, to be in possession of a valid rider licence when member of an official cycling club
• to be in possession of a personal liability insurance.
• to have read the present reglement
• to give their consent to the race organisation to use pictures or videos or any other recording of the participant taken in occasion of the event and to use his data for processing and internal use, according to privacy law no. 675/1996 and 2003.

26. Data Protection

The personal data given by participants upon registration will be saved and processed for the sole purpose of implementing and running the event. Upon registering, the participant agrees for their data to be saved.
The participant hereby consents to the personal data they have provided being passed on to third parties in order to record times, draw up and disclose lists of results and publish them on the home page. Upon registration, the participant consents to the event organiser distributing their data via all suitable media (the home page, written and online publications).
The event organiser hereby agrees that the personal data they receive upon the participant’s registration may be saved and the photos and video material taken at the KronplatzKing MTB Marathon may be used and published free of charge.

Please carefully read the data protection statement of our partner DATASPORT AG via the following link: https://www.datasport.com/de/datenschutzerklaerung/

27. Contact & Information

For further information please write an email to mtb@kronplatzking.com.

Organizing cycling team: RH Racing A.S.D., FCI code 21U1151
President of the OC Maurizio Kastlunger

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