Trail Trophy Kronplatz

14th - 16th September 2018

Trail Trophy | Stop Kronplatz

What could be more fitting: The overall winner of the 2018 TrailTrophy series will be crowned at Kronplatz again (literally: crown place)!

Pustertal’s varied trails - sometimes completely natural, sometimes perfectly shaped – were first introduced to TrailTrophy fans at the last event of the season.

Some of the start lines can be reached by bike, others with a comfortable gondola ride. This year will see a few different routes to those in 2017, providing the perfect conditions for an incredible season ender. 


Riders limit: The number of starting places is restricted to 270 (Rider & Masters Class Men/Rider Class Women).

 There will be individual rankings available for every rider with times per single section and a cumulative total ride time. In addition to this, multiple riders can also be ranked as a team. (see below)

 Three riders will count as a team provided they each give an identical (!), appropriate team name. If more than three riders are starting under one team name, the three fastest riders will rank. Team names must be given at registration, or at the very latest when you pick up your starter pack at accreditation. 

Starting order:
 The starting order for the first session will run according to given start numbers. Starting order will then be based on interim results/timings as soon as this is possible (so from the night ride onwards). 

Overall Series Ranking:
At the end of the season the best riders of the series will be awarded the Trail Trophy in Lenzerheide. For the Pro TrailTrophy riders will be awarded points according to where they place, with the rider with the highest number of points winning. The same number of points will be awarded for each TrailTrophy, except in the case that your total time for a TrailTrophy is seriously faster (more than 35%) than the average of the other TrailTrophies.


Please read carefully: Conditions of Participation for TrailTrophy at Kronplatz 2018


The trails for TrailTrophy will not be made known prior to the event. The routes will, however, take place on existing trails and routes - trails won’t be made through the woods or terrain specifically for TT.

The following distances/vertical drops are roughly planned for the Kronplatz TT from the 14th to 16th

Friday (09.14) Afternoon, trail session: ca. 18km round. 500 vertical drop; 3-4 timed trials

Saturday (09.15)
 All-mountain session: 20-30km/ roughly 600 vertical metres ascent, approx. 2000 vertical metres descent; 4 to 5 timed trials

Sunday (09.16)
Morning, Enduro-session: around 12km / roughly 150 vertical metres ascent, ca. 1500 vertical metres descent; 3 to 4 time trials.

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