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Looking for fantastic trails? We’ve got a whopping 16 of them! And how about some great variety on top of that? We’ve got you covered: Our trails are short, long, steep, flat, rough, rocky, rooty, smooth, built with our bare hands, dredged with powerful machinery, challenging, easy, fast, slow, sweat-inducing, curvy, straight, in the shade, north-facing, in the sun, south-facing, east-facing, unusual and most importantly: always and absolutely UNIQUE.

The Kronplatz Bike Park is anything but ordinary. Instead of sketching trails on a drawing board, we went right into the forest and used whatever we found: Steep slope? Steep trail. Plenty of space? Perfect for jumps. Roots all over the place? Well, we’re in a forest, so there will be roots. In places where dredging was allowed, we put our excavators to work. And wherever it wasn’t, well, we didn’t. The result: At Kronplatz, there’s no copy-paste – each trail tells its own story. 

And the trail names are quite unique, too: Franz and Hans are already legendary. They’ve been a household name in the community for years. But their successors are by no means inferior to them and have long been among the favourites of countless TrailTrophy and Alpine Enduro Series participants.

With a total of 5 lifts and cable-cars up and running all summer, our mountain bikers are spoilt for choice – that’s more than most places in the Alps can say for themselves. And with the exception of the Piz de Plaies lift, they all lead right to the peak at 2,272 m above sea-level, complete with jaw-dropping 360° views.

The Kronplatz Bike Park is open from early June to mid-October.


MTB-Brochure for download


The following trails* are open:

Herrnsteig   closed
Telle Line   closed
Sigi Line   closed
Christian   closed
Hans   closed
Franz   closed
Richard-Anton   closed
Uschi   closed
Andreas   closed
Alex   closed
Korer   closed
Furcia   closed
CC Top Line   closed
Crazy Bunny Line   closed
Piz de Plaies   closed
Gassl   closed


*By problems or urgent maintenance works, some section or trail may be closed. The list will be updated continuously.







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