summer at kronplatz

You are dreaming of sun, nature and well-being?  At Kronplatz this dream can be true!

From June 05, 2021, we start in the summer season, with the same quality and hospitality that we are known for.

We have taken a close look at the current situation and at what to expect in the near future. Based on that, we have taken a number of measures that comply with and complement the legal requirements – to ensure our guests' safety as well as that of the local population and our employees.

green pass

South Tyrol wants to offer its guests a carefree and safe vacation. With targeted measures, a carefree everyday life is made possible. The primary goal is to keep the risk of infection for all of us as low as possible.

Therefore, from Friday, August 6, 2021, the Green Pass must be presented for access to the following activities and services:

  • Serving food and beverages indoors, seated at tables;
  • Indoor swimming pools, swimming centers, fitness rooms, team sports, wellness facilities in enclosed spaces, including those of lodging establishments;
  • Public events, functions and competitions;
  • Museums, other cultural sites and exhibitions;
  • Thermal resorts, theme parks and amusement parks;
  • Trade fairs, conferences and congresses;
  • Cultural centers, social centers, limited to indoor activities;
  • Gambling and betting halls, bingo halls and casinos.
  • Children under 12 years of age are exempt from presenting the Green Pass.


general information on entering and leaving italy

Guests from the, EU countries and Schengen countries (List C countries) can enter with a vaccination, convalescent or test certificate.

Guests entering the country must

  • present the digital COVID certificate of the EU (Green Passport), which shows whether one is recovered, vaccinated or tested. It is also possible to present a printed confirmation of a negative test, a genetic certificate or a vaccination certificate. 
  • before entering Italy, make the online registration through the European Digital Passenger Localization Form (dPLF). It is recommended to take the confirmation email on your smartphone or in paper form with you.
  • Children under 6 years of age are exempt from the requirement to present a negative antigen or PCR test
  • For entry of persons without an EU Green Passport from EU or Schengen countries, the isolation requirement has been shortened from the previous 10 days to 5 days.
  • Entry from the United States of America, Canada and Japan is still possible with the EU-Green Passport or an equivalent proof of vaccination, viral load or negative test from the respective sanitary authority.
  • Persons entering South Tyrol from Great Britain and Northern Ireland are obliged to undergo a 5-day quarantine.

Return journey from Italy

  • Return journey Germany: Persons from 12 years of age must present a vaccination, convalescence or test certificate (Green Pass) for entry into Germany. This regulation, which previously existed for air travelers, has now been extended to travelers of all modes of transportation, including their own cars.
  • Return trip Austria: Proof of vaccination, test or recovery (Green Pass). If travelers do not carry proof of vaccination on entry, pre-travel clearance registration is required and a PCR or antigen test must be performed within 24 hours.
  • Return journey Switzerland: The return journey is possible with a private vehicle without restrictions.

Detailed information:


Please follow our instructions to help protect yourself and others at all times. If we all do our bit, you will be sure to enjoy your summer holidays at Kronplatz to the full.

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