rules for lifts

Important: only 80% of the seats in the gondolas may be occupied.

  • All gondolas are disinfected regularly and thoroughly.
  • Masks covering your mouth and nose are compulsory on all cable cars.
  • The gondolas must be well ventilated during the ride: Please keep the windows open!
  • A minimum distance of one meter must be maintained at all times, even when entering the lifts.
  • The toilets and escalators are cleaned and disinfected regularly.
  • All employees are trained in the applicable Corona-Virus measures.
  • Please do not leave any used tissues or mouth&nose-covers/masks in the gondolas: Make sure you dispose of them properly by putting them in the trash bin.
  • Please observe our general rules on hygiene and wash your hands regularly and thoroughly. Disinfectant is available at all entrances to the lifts.
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