51° italian championship fumo lento

For the first time, the competition for the title of the best "slow smoker" will take place above 2,000 meters, to be exact at 2,275 meters at Kronplatz.

The task is to light the pipe and smoke it for as long as possible without lighting it again - this is the true art of slow smoking!

Pipa Club Italia, the Italian Association of Pipe Clubs belonging to the International Committee of Pipe Clubs, was founded in 1975. Since then, the Pipa Club Italia has taken on the task of organizing the Italian Slow Smoking Championships in various locations. This year the Corones Pipe Club in Brunico managed to bring the 51st Italian Championships to Brunico on the Plan de Corones.

In collaboration with the "Accademia della Pipa" the first "Luna Nera" wooden pipe will be presented and auctioned in favor of a women's shelter.

PROGRAM 11.09.2022:

  • 9.30 a.m.: Meeting point at the cable car in Reischach and 15-minute ascent with the cable car to the Kronplatz at 2,275 m 
  • 10.00 a.m.: arrival at the CAI hut Kronplatz (about 5 minutes walk from the cable car)
  • 11.00 a.m.: in collaboration with Pipa Academy: presentation of the first wooden pipe "Luna Nera" and charity raffle in favor of a women's shelter
  • 12.00: lunch at the CAI hut, possibility of hiking
  • 13.30: 51st Slow Smoking Championships - the highest pipe smoking competition in the world
  • For accompanying persons there is the possibility to visit the Lumen Museum or the MMM Corones (Messner Mountain Museum)
  • 17.00: End of the race and descent to the valley by cable car

*comfortable and warm clothes, comfortable shoes are required

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