Must Know

What should you wear when you attend a festival in the mountains?

Find out what to pack before you leave for the JOVA BEACH PARTY at 2.275 m above sea level.

The temperature and weather conditions in Southtyrol vary through the day and especially in the mountains. Make sure to check the weather forecast before you leave, so that you can pack according to the weather.

Checklist Jova Beach Party - Kronplatz
Mountain Shoes

We recommend the use of trekking shoes or boots to better adapt to the terrain of the mountain summit!

Rain Protection

You know, mountain weather can vary from one moment to another and you need to be ready for anything.

For this reason it is advisable to bring a raincoat with you in case of rain, so as not to miss the magic of the Jova show even with a few drops of sudden rain.

Sun Protection

Also, sunscreen is completely non-negotiable. Oftentimes, the days with the most perfect, breezy weather lead to the worse sunburns because you don’t feel the sun roasting your skin.


For additional protection and to be able to enjoy the festival in full comfort we also recommend the use of a cap against the sun.

Mountain Clothing

We recommend a comfortable and practical clothing, preferably mountain clothing, able to guarantee freshness in case of a hot sunny day, and warmth in case of a cooler day.

The ideal would be to have "layered" clothing to easily and quickly adapt to any situation.

Seat Pad

There are no seats reserved for the festival.

Therefore, we recommend that you bring a comfortable seat cushion or blanket on which you can relax and enjoy the show on the lawn.