Red Bull X-Alps

KRONPLATZ - official turnpoint 2021

Red Bull X-Alps 2021 is returning for its 10th edition with the kick off set for June 20, 2021. Aptly named the world’s toughest adventure race, participants will journey by foot or paraglider a currently undisclosed number of turnpoints in different countries.

At over 1,000km in distance, the journey itself plays a huge role in the story of Red Bull X-Alps - but even more important are those who compete in it. In 2021, 33 world-class athletes from 17 nations will push themselves to entirely new limits. Among them there will be the youngest Red Bull X-Alps athelte ever, one world-class mountaineer with summits above 7,000m and two women.

Along with the strategic and nutritional help of their designated supporters, the athletes will need the skill courage and determination to navigate through some of Europe’s most inhospitable mountain terrain; making Red Bull X-Alps the ultimate challenge of both body and mind.

In their bid for the title, each one of them will redefine the boundaries of hiking, trail running and paragliding as we know them today.



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In the live tracking, inserted above, you can follow the athletes.


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