Provisions for passengers of drag lifts

Everyone who uses the facility must observe all the regulations regarding the use of the same and comply with the indications, orders and regulations issued by the operator and the staff, which concern the regularity, the proper conduct and the safety of the operation.
With regard to the special transport system of this facility, which requires the active assistance of the passengers, they must strictly comply with the rules and prohibitions communicated by the operator by means of its own instructions, and in any case behave in such a way that they do not endanger other persons or cause damage. Persons outside the company, except for those who have a permit or are engaged in union activities regulated by law or contract, are prohibited from entering the stations.
Passengers must be provided with a valid ticket. Non-operational persons are prohibited from operating the stopping devices of the facility.
It is forbidden to damage the system with its equipment and towing devices.

In particular, passengers must comply with the following regulations:

  1. help to ensure that the transport runs regularly and behave in such a way that no passenger is endangered and no damage is caused;
  2. enter the boarding area only through the designated access;
  3. in the event of a fall, release the bar and leave the access lane immediately;
  4. leave the exit place in the top station immediately after descending;
  5. do not ride outside the lane;
  6. not swing or otherwise behave in a senseless manner during the ascent;
  7. do not board or alight on the track;
  8. when descending, do not throw the bar to the side or upwards;
  9. do not drive over the exit point;
  10. not to ski along the access lane;
  11. do not cross the access lane.

Passengers who are inexperienced in the use of the system must, if necessary, ask the staff for instructions.
Obviously intoxicated persons and those who, due to their condition or behavior, could compromise the safety of the operation or who could disturb the other passengers and the public safety are excluded from the transportation. Except for service personnel, rescue personnel and supervisory bodies, priority is not allowed.
Passengers shall be held responsible for the consequences of failure to comply with any of the above-mentioned regulations; if the offense constitutes a punishable act under articles 432 and 650 of the Penal Code or D.P.R. of 11.07.1980 no. 753, the offender shall be prosecuted.
Any complaints from passengers should be addressed to the Office for Cableways of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano, Silvius Magnago Square 3, 39100 Bolzano, with the personal data and the exact address of the complainant.