Sacred Heart Night


Sacred Heart Night



Sacred Heart Night

A breathtaking night full of impressions is coming up!

On June 9, 2024 the cable car Kronplatz 2000 is open for a very special night - the "Sacred Heart Night" at the summit of Kronplatz.

Be there and experience a beautiful view of the adjacent mountain world during a picturesque sunset over the main ridge of the Alps and the Dolomites. Once the sun has set, a spectacular spectacle awaits you: fires of the Sacred Heart are lit on the surrounding peaks, illuminating the sky over the whole South Tyrol and giving it a magical atmosphere.

Lighting fires around the summer solstice has its origins in ancient times. The custom of solstice and St. John's fires has been documented since the 12th century. In the 18th century, however, the custom was reinterpreted: in 1796, the Tyrolean estates vowed to entrust the land to the "Sacred Heart of Jesus" to counter the imminent danger posed by Napoleon's invasion. Since then, this promise has been commemorated every year by lighting fires.


But this is not all: those interested in culture have the opportunity to visit the two museums at Kronplatz. Both the MMM Corones and the LUMEN Museum open their doors on this evening.


In short, the "Sacred Heart Night" at Kronplatz is an unforgettable experience for everyone who wants to experience South Tyrolean tradition up close. We are looking forward to your visit!




Open ski lift from 5.45 p.m.:

  • Kronplatz 2000 | Riscone/Reischach
  • Price: 20,00€ per person incl. uphill and downhill and entrance to the museums (MMM Corones and LUMEN Museum)
  • Children under 8 years free of charge

Open museums from 6.00 p.m.:

  • LUMEN Museum
  • MMM Corones


Open bars/restaurant:

  • AlpiNN Restaurant
  • Bar Kronplatz Treff
  • Cai hut



  • A Sacred Heart fire is also lit at the summit of Kronplatz
  • Concert by the Reischach music band at the Concordia peace bell from 7 p.m.