skipass refunds

We hope that we can all enjoy the coming winter season to the full and that you will be able to use our services without any restrictions.

If a lock-down does become necessary during the winter season, Skipass holders can claim a partial refund of their ticket. Refunds are available for the following products:


  • any days within a multi-day Skipass for the Kronplatz slopes and Dolomiti Superski that cannot be used
  • Skipasses purchased online that cannot be used
  • regular season tickets for the Kronplatz slopes and Dolomiti Superski
  • Skipasses without a specific date that cannot be used


Season ski passes and multi-day tickets

For the coming winter season 2020-21, a guarantee system has been prepared which, with full transparency, protects those who again decide to buy a season ski pass or a multi-day pass. Those who decide to buy a season ski pass for Kronplatz/Plan de Corones or Dolomiti Superski again, can withdraw from the contract if the ski lifts are closed for at least 14 consecutive days, both in the entire ski area and in any of the 12 ski resorts, in this case if the customer is resident or on vacation in one of the municipalities concerned. Within 30 days of the lockdown coming into effect, the customer can exercise a right of withdrawal, provided he has not yet reached 40 days of skiing, by filling in an online form. The refund will be initiated and the ski pass deactivated immediately. Alternatively, the customer can actively keep his ski pass and continue skiing in the open ski areas until the end of the season. In this case there is no refund. 
From 31 January 2021 and then at 15-day intervals until the last possible date on 1 April 2021, the amount of the refund for season ski passes Kronplatz/Plan de Corones and Dolomiti Superski will be adjusted in relation to the remaining duration of the season. Example: in case of a lockdown within 31 January 2021 included, 80% of the ski pass price paid by the customer will be refunded. The next adjustment will be made on 15 February, so that from 15 February the refund will be 55%. So until April 1, 2021, day from which the refund is 0%. Refunds will be made by bank transfer.

Until 31.01.2021 80%
Until 15.02.2021 55%
Until 28.02.2021 30%
Until 15.03.2021 10%
Until 31.03.2021 5%
from 01.04.2021 0%


Details about the conditions and time thresholds will be available here shortly. A similar right of withdrawal is granted to holders of Kronplatz/Plan de Corones or Dolomiti Superski multi-day passes. In addition to the two cases mentioned above, also in case of documented positivity for the virus SARS-CoV-19 and in case of a quarantine regulation. In these cases, the ski days not used will be refunded according to the price list for multi-day ski passes. Example: the guest buys a 6-day ski pass, on the third day the operation is ordered to be stopped. From the price of the 6-day ski pass the price of the 2-day ski pass is deducted, the rest is refunded.

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