We at Kronplatz strive to keep you safe. But we would also like to appeal to the individual responsibility and solidarity of our guests. Please join us in taking care of each other by adhering to the protective measures in force. Here are the most important rules, guidelines and information at a glance.

Minimum distance

Remember to always keep at a sufficient distance from others (1 m).


If the minimum distance cannot be maintained, the mouth and nose protector must be worn.






Face mask/mouth-and-nose cover

Always carry a mouth-nose cover  (FFP2 face mask) with you and use it whenever you cannot keep a minimum distance of 1 m. Please remember: Both your mouth and your nose must be covered!




General hygiene rules

Please observe these general rules to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus:

Wash your hands often and thoroughly. Disinfect them regularly. Disinfectant is available at all ticket offices, lift entrances and in all restaurants and inns.


Cashless payment methods

If possible, use contactless payment when buying your tickets.






If you develop symptoms indicating a possible Coronavirus infection, please stay in your room and contact a doctor and/or the reception desk of your accommodation by telephone. Please remember: Do not go there in person. Instead, seek advice over the telephone first.


The gondolas must be well-ventilated during the ride: Please keep the windows open!

Important: only 80% of the seats in the gondolas may be occupied.







waste disposal

Do not leave your used mouth-nose protection or your handkerchiefs in the cable car cabins, but dispose them properly in the marked waste containers.





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