Guidelines for safe skiing
on the slope

Skiing in complete safety - what you need to know

Dos & dont’s on the slopes

In order to ensure that your skiing adventure on our slopes runs smoothly you need to follow a few crucial rules of conduct. Let us explain everything you need to know:

  • Respect other skiers

    On the slopes, it is important that you behave properly to avoid injuring or harming yourself or others. Therefore, ski cautiously and enjoy the snow to the full!

  • Keep an eye on your speed and your abilities

    Ski or snowboard with the correct speed and don't overestimate your abilities. Make sure you feel confident on all types of slopes and in any kind of weather without endangering others - regardless of how many other skiers or snowboarders are sharing the piste with you.

  • The correct direction

    Ski or snowboard so as not to endanger or interfere with anyone in front of you to prevent potential crashes or injuries.

  • Overtaking other skiers

    You may overtake others, even from any direction, but: always keep enough distance from other skiers and snowboarders (depending on your means of transport) to ensure that everyone has enough space to move freely. This also requires to keep an adequate distance to the side of the piste to allow others to overtake safely. Remember that at a crossing,  skiers coming from the right always have the right of way.

  • If you have to stop

    Do not stop in narrow passages or in poor visibility. In the event that you fall in such a situation, it is important to set off again as quickly as possible or to move to the side of the piste so as to avoid any collisions with others.

  • Setting off again

    If you want to set off again after a stop at a crossing or a break, check the slope both upwards and downwards to be sure that you are not endangering yourself or others by proceeding. Please note: you must slow down

    ·         in cluttered or narrow sections

    ·         in the proximity of buildings or obstacles

    ·         at crossroads and junctions

    ·         in crowded areas or with beginners nearby

    ·         during fog, mist or poor visibility

  • Ascent & descent by foot

    In Italy, it is forbidden to ascend the slope by foot. There is only one exception: in the event of an emergency. In this case you may only use the side of the piste and have to ensure that neither you nor your equipment endangers any other people on the slope.

  • Placing your sports equipment

    When you're off-piste, you must ensure that your sports equipment does not interfere with other skiers. If, for instance, you want to take a break in a hut or any other recreation area, you have to place your equipment safely to avoid endangering others.

  • Check the weather conditions & respect the signposts

    Check with your parents which slopes are currently accessible as well as the latest weather conditions. You must also take note of any markings and signposts.

  • First aid & identification requirement

    If you witness an accident (or are injured yourself), call the emergency number 112 and, if necessary, assist the first responders with any details regarding the accident.

    Please note: In either case, whether you have witnessed an accident or have been injured yourself, you must provide your personal details and show your ID when requested by the staff.

  • Liability insurance & compulsory use of helmets

    All skiers and snowboarders must be in possession of a valid liability insurance policy covering any damage or injury you may cause to others.
    In Italy, you also have to wear a helmet until you are 18 years old.